Proud Parent

We chose HHCC in July 2008 because a friend of mine happened to work there and it seemed "safe" to send our child to be in contact with a close friend daily. As it turned out, HHCC became much more than that to us. It was the perfect place for our daughter to receive every ounce of love, care and treatment we could ask or hope for.Our little girl entered HHCC qualifying for all services HHCC had to offer... speech, occupational, physical and developmental therapies. She was scooped up by an incredible team of providers that changed our life on a daily basis.As the months passed by, our little girl improved so much that she was able to test out of each service one by one. This was bittersweet for our family. Sweet because our little girl was improving so rapidly because of the incredible treatment she received but bitter also because that meant our team members lessened.Now we approach July 2011, three years later, and our little girl is testing typical in all areas of development and no longer requires any services or "team" to thrive. However, we now realize the team that scooped her up in July 2008 still exists and we feel comfortable to reach out to them for anything we need!