Mrs. Stephanie N. Donald

Tyler and Tyson Donald entered Helping Hand Children's Center in August of 2007 at 10 months old. Both, Tyler and Tyson, entered with delays in all areas due to a premature birth. The therapist began working with Tyler and Tyson shortly after their entrance. Tyler eventually tested out of all therapies; however, this did not stop Karen Rutherford, Kim Mills, or his teachers from continuing to work with him. Tyler was transferred to a different school in August 2010, so he could be with "typical" children. He entered this school with a knowledge base much greater than the other children thanks to Helping Hand. Tyson continues to attend Helping Hand and continues to receive top quality services. Tyson has overcome many obstacles thanks to the services he has received and continues to receive at Helping Hand. He entered Helping Hand with significant developmental delays such as the inability to hold up his head, delayed speech, and the inability to walk to name a few. Tyson is now able to hold up his head and he's beginning to say words such as Momma, Bubba, bye-bye and hi. To see the progress that he has made and continues to make has made my husband and me proud that we chose Helping Hand. Tyson not only receives great services, but also great care by the teachers and staff. He loves the teachers, therapists and staff. My husband and I thank the Helping Hand staff for the hard work and the quality care that they have provided for Tyler and continue to provide for Tyson.