Megan and Bailey

Megan and Bailey began receiving PT at Helping Hand in the Fall of 2009. Later they were evaluated in OT and began to receive that service, also. They had started kindergarten and still needed PT. Deanne has been wonderful with them. She is always looking for new ways to help the girls become more independent and stronger. She shows them ways to stretch themselves and encourages them to get involved in physical activities. Eight year old little girls are aware of what their peers are wearing, and AFOs are not cute or in style. Deanne has worked with me in order to find different shoes (even boots) and different braces (with designs on them) that are more fashionable and break up the normal routine. The biggest compliment for Megan is riding her bicycle without training wheels.

Kara has worked along with Deanne to build their core strength (scooter board soccer, anyone?). She has also introduced them to Therapeutic Listening and other therapy approaches. In OT, they have addressed many of the girls' fears and helped them to deal with them. The girls have also worked to improve their handwriting and cutting skills.

In the middle of first grade, Bailey's teacher wanted to hold her back due to her lack of progression in reading. Even though I requested a speech evaluation, I was told she did not need it by the school district. After this devastating meeting with the school district, I discussed the problems with one of the speech therapists here at Helping Hand. She evaluated Bailey and found that she did have a receptive speech delay. Bailey started receiving speech therapy. Her reading is still not up to grade level, but she is more confident in her abilities.

The girls both love to come to therapy. They talk to us about their therapist and worry about them when a storm is near. They are making gains at all times. Their therapists have gotten to know them as individual people, not as the Mills twins.