Carrie Blankenship

Ella and Olivia are our beautiful 10 month-old twin girls. They were born seven weeks prematurely and had some complications surrounding their birth. We knew that preemies often had developmental delays and we wanted to get them the help they needed as soon as possible. Helping Hand evaluated them when they were three months old and they began preschool and began receiving physical, occupational, and speech therapy at that same time. They were re-evaluated last month and now only receive speech therapy because they have made amazing progress! We know they are doing so good today because of the hard work of the Helping Hand staff. The therapists not only spent time treating my children but also took extra time to speak with and train us in things to work on at home with them. I also have loved how the therapists and classroom staff have worked as a team to help the girls meet their goals. It has also been comforting as a working mom to know that I am leaving them every day at a place where they are loved and nurtured - and maybe a little spoiled. They are our two amazing little gifts from God and we love everyday getting to watch them learn and do new things. And we know that it is possible because of our friends at Helping Hand!

Thanks for everything!